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The French Alps enjoy one of the most breathtakingly diverse landscapes in all of Europe. Where else can one see palm trees and snow capped peaks all in a day's drive?

For this winter menu we'll be focusing on the swath of land south of Lyon and north of Provence known as Pays de Rhône-Alpes.

The menu here combines elements of hearty wine and food from the Rhône River Valley with the Swiss and Italian-inflected region of Savoie. Featured ingredients include chestnuts, mushrooms, pork, and cheese which are complemented by a range of regional wines.

The menu for Pays de Rhône-Alpes will be offered Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can order anytime and schedule your preferred pickup day and time. We ask that you allow at least 1 hour before your order and scheduled pick-up time.

Contactless pickup will be offered at Cadre Restaurant either in the dining room or curbside.

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Appetizer section


savory pâte à choux with Sartori Sarvecchio, 2 biscuits per order | $7

"An airy and gooey cheese biscuit."


Potatoes Aligot

puréed Yukon Gold potatoes with Gruyère cheese | $9

Chestnut Soup with Bacon

roasted chestnuts and cream with white wine and shallot, garnished with bacon and chopped tarragon, serves 1-2 | $8
Main courses

Vermouth Cured Pork Belly with Apple and Swiss Chard

Enos Farms pork belly cured with sumac and Dolin Vermouth de Chambéry, served with roasted Braeburn apple and Swiss chard | $19

Buckwheat Crepe with Oyster Mushrooms and Squash (V)

buckwheat flour crêpe with Vitruvian Farms oyster mushrooms, butternut squash, and elderberry gastrique | $17
Dessert section Image

Torte de Savoie

chestnut & almond marzipan, spiced Braeburn apple, and chestnut mousse with caramelized puff pastry garnish | $7
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