At the Bar

If you're looking for a place to have a drink or grab a casual bite to eat, you found it! We welcome guests in for a casual atmosphere - no reservations required. Enjoy craft beer, wine, and cocktails created by our expert bartenders, plus delicious eats for snacks or dinner.

At the Bar




 miller high life & angostura bitters
shot of koval x cadre single barrel selection rye | 10

picon biere

kronenbourg lager, amaro montenegro, la fuerza rosso | 8

suze & tonic

suze bitter aperitif,
fever tree mediterranean tonic | 8

aperol spritz

aperol, mineral water, sparkling wine | 9

wisco old-fashioned

wollersheim press house brandy, angostura, cherries, orange
served: sweet or sour | 7




castelvetrano martini

chopin potato vodka, dry vermouth,
olive brine, castelvetrano olives | 13

french 75

ford's london dry gin, lemon,
simple, sparkling wine | 12

water lily

clarified gin, crème de violette, curaçao, lemon | 13

21ST century

mi campo tequila reposado, tempus fugit crème de cacao-vanille, lemon, absinthe | 13


jack daniels no.7, st. agrestis amaro, maple | 10

closing argument

ilegal mezcal joven, green chartreuse, bordiga marschino, lime | 14

cadre sazerac

koval x cadre single barrel rye,
vsop cognac, demerara,
bitters, absinthe | 13





-- special release --
delta beer lab, "koval x cadre barrel"

barrel-aged grand stout | Coming Soon


american lager (4.7%) [16oz] | 4

kronenbourg, "1664"

french lager (5.0%) [500ml] | 6

surly, "winterize"

winter lager (6.0%) [16oz] | 7

sierra nevada, "celebration"

fresh hop ipa (6.8%) [16oz] | 7

founders, "red's rye"

red ipa (6.6%) [16oz] | 7

3floyds, "permanent funeral"

double ipa (10.5%) [8oz] | 9

oddside ales, "irish draught"

nitro irish stout (5.4%) [16oz] | 8

great lakes, "edmund fitzgerald"

porter (5.8%) [12oz] | 6

hop haus, "plaid panther"

scotch ale (8.0%) [12oz] | 6

chimay "red"

belgian dubbel (7.0%) [25cl] | 14

unibroue, "la fin du monde"

belgian tripel (8.0%) [12oz] | 8

bottles & cans

miller high life | 4
hinterland, gluten-free hazy ipa | 7
heineken pilsner n/a | 4

lakefront "eastside dark" black lager n/a | 4
lakefront "riverwest stein" amber n/a | 4
athletic brewing "run wild" ipa n/a | 5
athletic brewing “free wave” hazy ipa n/a | 5
athletic brewing “all out” stout n/a | 5




las mujeres, "green label"

still, bone-dry, and funky 
organic driftless apple cider
glass pour | 10
bottle [750m] | 36

domaine sicera “odette”,
cidre de poire

sparkling, off-dry,
normandy pear cider
glass pour | 11
bottle [750m] | 40




perpetual bone broth | 5

truffle salt popcorn | 5

frites & aioli | 7

chevre cheese curd

clockshadow creamery goat cheese curds, chili honey, pickled radish, bleu cheese, parsley | 10


sandwich on demi-baguette with aged prosciutto, beauty heart radish, brie-butter, bone-marrow butter | 12

châteaux blancs

petite grass-fed beef sliders grilled over caramelized shallots with mornay sauce and pickles on sweet roll, served with pommes frites | 14

Moules frites

mussels in wine broth, served with pommes frites | 22


Our menu is constantly changing based on the availability of fresh local ingredients. While we try to keep the online menu up-to-date, it is subject to change without notice.
[Updated: March 8th, 2024]